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Who is Birdie and Co?

I'm glad you asked.

When my wife Jenn and I were expecting our first child together, I approached her with the idea of naming our future baby girl "Birdie". I thought it was so cute and had some vintage vibes. Plus, my wife LOVES golf, and in golf, a birdie is a good thing. So it seemed like a no brainer to me - this was the perfect name! But Jenn said no way to it. 

So I tucked Birdie in my back pocket to use for our next baby. 

Little did I know that our next baby was going to be this fabulous home decor shop that I dreamed of for so long. Behold, Birdie & Co. came to life (I even got Jenn’s blessing on the name!).

There you have it, Birdie & Co. 

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